Soccer Class for Toddler & Kids in Los Angeles | West Hills | Santa Monica

Soccer for all abilities ages 2-13.

The Best Kids Soccer Program in Los Angeles

Our Kids Soccer Program follows the traditional soccer model and is appropriate for players of all levels, ages 2-13.

Our youngest players will learn the basics of kicking, dribbling, and the FUNdamentals of soccer. We will have theme days where we may imagine going to the ice cream store, visiting the zoo to identify animals, singing our favorite songs, or visiting a vegetable garden. Players will work on agility and gross motor coordination by jumping (or walking) over hurdles and working on speed ladder challenges. Our Tot class also focuses on teamwork and cooperation as we choose team names and work together.  Our classes for ages 2 -3 are parent/caregiver-and-me classes.

Our older players experience the benefits of being a team member by working together and trying to complete the challenges faster than the other team. Participants will develop their footwork, passing and shooting skills. Our model allows us to tailor each class, creating programs that are suitable for the novice player as well as the elite athlete. Players are encouraged to attempt new skills and take risks via positive feedback. Working with a partner(s), each team will focus on scoring more goals, dribbling faster or completing more passes than the opposing team. Regardless of your child’s level at the beginning of the session, it is our objective to help them take their game to the next level while promoting a love for the game.


Our Soccer Classes are structured to support each child and team to gain the most skill-based and personal growth possible. Families can either form their own groups/teams or register for a class/team in their area.


Regardless of skill level, at Safe Fit Kids we help improve your kids’ physical and social skills on and off the field.


We are an affordable program developed to provide children ages 2 -13 with safe, small-group exercise and soccer classes which allow them to run around, laugh, and really play with their peers. We always maintain a 1:8 coach:child ratio and require a minimum of 5 participants per class.

Classes are limited to 5-8 children.


Coach Alyze and her staff are some of the best coaches in the Los Angeles area. All coaches have a minimum of three years of experience teaching children, are background checked, CPR-certified, and have gone through Safe Fit Kids 8-week training program.